LOVE New Zealand Grown Flowers

NFPG's latest campaign: We LOVE NZ Grown Flowers

Love New Zealand Grown Flowers!

Where are all our flowers from?

That’s the question Kiwis should be asking their local flower seller, according to Rebecca Jones, spokesperson for the National Flower Promotion Group.

“We ask where our vegetables are grown, and where our fruit comes from but no-one ever asks where their flowers are from.” 

As part of a new campaign from the National Flower Promotion Group to raise awareness of our local flower industry, Rebecca is enlisting   a number of well-known faces to help spread the word and encourage Kiwis to support their local flower industry.

“New Zealand is blessed with the perfect conditions for growing flowers,” Rebecca says. “Clean air, water and the intensity of our light all contribute to the production of high quality flowers.”  

Canadian born Rebecca worked as a flower importer in her own country before coming to New Zealand.

“New Zealand is so lucky to have such a vibrant industry and talented growers delivering an exceptionally diverse range of quality product. Consumers here are spoilt for choice when it comes to variety, availability and price.”

This spin on the culinary “Buy Local Buy Fresh” is equally applicable to the NZ flower industry where year round growers are delivering daily direct to market.

Rebecca encourages flower lovers to ask where their flowers are coming from. “Your NFPG florist will know if they’re from South Auckland or South America. It’s highly likely that if they’re local, the florist will know the grower.”


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