Living with Flowers
Fresh flowers bring a home to life, providing a vital link to nature and the changing seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer your questions about being a NFPG member.


Q: Can I take part in NFPG promotions, even though I’m not a contributor and don’t purchase my flowers from UFG?

A: NFPG is funded by a levy paid by the suppliers and customers of UFG. We currently only offer our promotions to NFPG members.



Q: How much does it cost to participate in NFPG’s in-store promotions?

A: For the majority of our promotional campaigns there is no cost to participate. Funds are provided by the suppliers and customers of UFG – all we ask is that you display any promotional material prominently in your store. For a select few of our campaigns there may be a small charge to participate.



Q: How can I identify the NFPG promotions from any other organisation?

A: All promotional and advertising material will carry the NFPG logo and will be recognisable by our strapline “Feel good with Flowers”.



Q: Will I automatically receive point of sale material for each NFPG promotion?

A: An email will be sent out to all NFPG members offering the opportunity to participate in upcoming promotions. However, there is no obligation to participate.



Q: How will I know about upcoming promotions?

A: Every NFPG member will be sent a number of emails. They will also feature in our newsletter, on our website and on our Facebook page.