Living with Flowers
Fresh flowers bring a home to life, providing a vital link to nature and the changing seasons.

Flowers in the Workplace

As well as looking good and smelling great, itís a well-known fact that flowers improve our mood and lift our spirits. What you probably didnít know is that flowers can also increase work productivity and creativity. Add a touch of colour and style to your workplace with some fresh flowers and give the workplace morale a boost!

Flowers don’t just look and smell good, they can also increase our ability to perform better at work. Recent scientific evidence shows we really should be waking up and smelling the roses...or daffodils…or peonies!

 You have to admit, there are few people who wouldn’t be genuinely delighted to receive a bunch of fresh flowers. In fact, research shows that it’s one of only a few gifts that can induce a true, genuine, from-the-heart smile.

Interestingly, there’s also significant scientific evidence that shows flowers can increase a person’s performance at work – on number of different levels, for both men and women.

Fresh flowers have a positive impact on productivity. An eight-month study conducted at the A&M University in Texas  found that both male and female participants performed better in terms of innovative thinking, generating ideas and coming up with solutions to problems.

While both genders flourished on the innovative thinking front, the study found that women were particularly adept at coming up with creative and flexible solutions to solve problems in a flowery environment. Men, on the other hand, generated a whopping 30% more ideas in a workplace decorated with flowers and plants than in a monotonous, non-petalled one. So much for flowers being a ‘female thing’!

The moral of the story – or shall we say the study – is that the abundance of ideas, increased innovative thinking and better creative problem-solving skills made the participants more productive and left them feeling more motivated to achieve.

So what’s behind flowers’ productivity-enhancing effect? For one, humans have an inherent longing to be surrounded by nature. This means looking at a bunch of bright, colourful flowers and foliage instead of a drab, colourless office wall, boosts our mood not only instantly, but also long-term.

As the study showed, participants said they generally felt more joyful and less depressed, anxious or agitated after receiving flowers – and feeling happy, after all, contributes to producing good work. How do we explain flowers’ mood-boosting powers in a scientific sense? One train of thought is that they produce chemicals that hold the molecular key to unlocking the mechanism in our grey matter that governs pleasure.

So, creating a happy workplace full of happy, productive and motivated campers could be as simple as strategically places gifts of Mother Nature around the office.